Cover Design & Artworks

Our Graphic designing services that reveal an impressive portfolio of digital illustrations, conversions, redraws, chemical structures, technical drawings and graphs. iTEK designer understands the intricacies of artworks to ensure the best outputs for both the print and web media.

Our team comprises of experienced and creative designers, qualified in graphic designing and architecture. Our graphic artists are highly skilled and have a track record of working on a remarkable range of digital graphics, tables, graphs, maps, technical drawings, etc.

The graphics designing team, comprising versatile designers, is also deployed in planning and creating page/book cover designs. The team invests efforts in understanding the requirements and the needs of the market. Also, color schemes are chosen carefully to suit the feel of the book. This helps the team to produce progressive multiple designs, which are sent to the client for approval.

iTEK  covers the complete range of design services for books and journals to include the origination, production, and maintenance of inside/outside covers.

iTEK  also offers a comprehensive range of scanning solutions for transparencies, prints and manual and computer-generated artwork. From line art to halftones, black/white to CMYK,  iTEK  deploys equipment, people and processes to deliver dependable quality.

The services provided include creation of graphics from sketches and descriptions, redrawing and manipulation of author-supplied artwork and batch processing of images. Outputs can be provided in a range of formats from electronic files for printing purposes to bromides, films, digital proofs and wet proofs.