e-publishing: XML/SGML/HTML

iTEK have a highly skilled team that delivers XML and HTML services and solutions that include :

  • Delivering XML/HTML files conforming to the customer's DTD and specification
  • Development in XML-related technologies such as XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO etc.
  • Development of Quality Control tools for checking SGML/XML to customer specifications

Conversion of hard copy and electronic files to a suitable format for the web viz. PDF, SGML, XML, HTML, eBooks or any other format, based on your requirements.

Archiving:  iTEK offers digitization of historical/legacy/back-title data/books/documents from microfilms/microfiches, hard copy etc and creation of web-database products that offer easy searchability and retrieval. Archiving comprises of the following process:

  • Analyzing your data and developing DTD/Schema
  • Modifying or developing third party DTDs
  • Pre-Migration data clean up
  • OCR Capture of text from hardcopy documents
  • XML/SGML Conversion
  • Proofing, Validation and QC Audits