Abstract & Paper Management

From our experience in working for many scientific and academic conferences, we can understand that handling abstracts and technical papers is a hectic task.

As such, we offer abstract and paper management services which facilitate the administrative procedures entailed in abstract handling and development of scientific programs. This leaves the Scientific or Technical Program Committee with resources to focus on the quality of the papers accepted.

Our Abstract/Paper Management services includes:

Abstracts Management

  • Set up online submission system
  • Provide the URL to the conference website to link for submission
  • Reply to authors' queries on abstract submissions on a day-to-day basis
  • Provide reports on abstract submission status regularly
  • Report includes author, title, organisation/institution, topic, abstract
  • Set up reviewer account for the Program Chair
  • Assign reviewers based on list of reviewers from Program Chair
  • Follow up with reviewers on their access passwords and the deadlines for review
  • Remind reviewers of pending reviews
  • Compile the review results
  • Submit review results to Program Chair
  • Send out acceptance letters

 Paper Management

  • Set up online paper submission system
  • Reply to authors' queries on paper submissions on a day-to-day basis
  • Provide updates on paper submission status regularly
  • Check paper submissions for format compliance
  • Return non-compliant papers to authors and seek for amendment
  • Establish paper review procedures (if needed)
  • Compile papers collected
  • Submit papers for publication


"The Services provided by RPS are professional and looking forward to engaging their professional services in the future." — Prof. Yuan Xue Ming, Invited Session Chair, 2006 IEEE INDIN'06, SINGAPORE