CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive Mastering & Replication

With the development in technology, the publications are increasingly needed in convenient electronic formats like CD-ROM/DVD/USB flash drive or web based publications. We specialize in producing e-proceedings in the form of CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs from any input source, word processing files, PDF or manuscripts.

We offer various packages to suit your needs :

  • Print Proceedings + CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/USB Flash Drive
  • Abstract Booklet + CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/USB Flash Drive
  • Program Booklet + CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/USB Flash Drive
  • Standalone CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/USB Flash Drive Proceedings
  • CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/USB Flash Drive Mastering alone

 We can take the submissions directly from the contributors, get complaint files, get reviewed from your review committee, verify checklist of important items for consistency and compile all the files into CD-ROM.

CD-ROM Mastering

  • Developing a concept suitable to the conference theme in macromedia flash
  • Master the CD with navigation option and a layout/design looks like web page
  • Extend necessary links for the TOC, prelims and individual papers as per the line-up order
  • Capture the abstract in XML/HTML and link to the full text papers
  • Design CD Sticker and inlay covers
  • CD based search engine to locate the papers by Author & Title
  • Auto-generate author index/TOC with hyperlinks
  • Hyperlink the papers in the Author index
  • Obtaining the ISBN number and publishing

iTEK provides CD/DVD/USB replication of your master CD with 4 colour silk-screen/offset printing on the CD/DVD/USB. With packing in preferred/standard covers

CD-ROM Replication:

  • To replicate the CD-ROM as per the specification
  • CD-R replication with 4C CD-Sticker on the CD-ROM
  • Packing: Suitable and as per requirement

CD-ROM Packing options:

  • Transparent PVC Sleeve with or without adhesive behind (helps to stick the CDs at the back of the book)
  • Double sided PVC Sleeve
  • Black Jewel box with or without inlay covers and shrink wrap
  • Slim Jewel box with clear transparent front and black tray with shrink wrap

Our experts will help to guide you to choose the appropriate media and packing based on your needs.


"Thanks once again for your very professional services, and for your accommodating the last-minute scheduling changes precipitated."
— Professor Ed Durfee, Associate Editor (IJAAMS), General Co-chair, AAMAS, University of Michigan, USA